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Point of the Mountain Paragliding also provides tours, site guides, and advanced instruction.  Whether you want a brush up lesson to regain your skill, or just some added comfort of a voice on the radio - we are here to help! 

Contact us for an updated schedule of tours - including Utah paragliding, other sites across, the country, as well as international sites.  We can take you on amazing trips all around the globe, contact us if you have any questions or would like to sign up.

Brasil Tour 2020- TBD Working on Multi City tour.

Point of the Mountain Paragliding
Govandor Valadares, Brazil
Spring 2020

Point of the Mountain Paragliding is headed south this winter to the Disneyland of XC, Governador Valadares, Brazil.  Come join us February 16th thru 28th for potentially some of the best conditions South America has to offer.  Governador Valadares is located  370 miles northwest and inland of Rio de Janerio near the heart of the state Minas Gerias,  flying and mining capital of Brazil.  Let your days consist of easy Thermaling conditions around launch “Pico de Ibituruna” landing in the town LZ.  Or going on that first long XC flight with your buddies next to you all the way.  Flying XC is made easy with rolling hills and consistent thermal conditions.  Fun all day flying,  followed by exciting Brazilian nights.  Come see Brazil with Point of the Mountain Paragliding and exceed your expectations of flight.

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Point of the Mountain Paragliding
Valle De Bravo, Mexico
2020 TBD

Point of the Mountain Paragliding is headed to beautiful Valle De Bravo.  Located 2 hours Southwest of Mexico City, high in the mountains.  Valle is a Spanish colonial town with old churches, and a very old world feel around the town square.  Valle is world famous for two things its excellent soaring for paragliders and hangliders, and its annual Monarch butterfly migration.  With its restarants, shopping, and the lake, it is a retreat for many well off Mexican families vacations and summer homes.  This place caters to the flying crowd, flying, fun, and lots of new faces make Valle the world famous destination that we all migrate too every winter.  See you in January!!!!

Valle De Bravo, 2016

What the flying is like in Valle

El Penon is know as one of the worlds most famous flying sites.  With its consistent conditions that it offers every day, it is possible to get over 4 hours in the air each day.  El Penon is a inland thermal site, located on the edge of a series of ancient volcanoes.  Surrounded by hills mountains that are covered in a temperate forest.  All of these elements make for very good thermal soaring and XC conditions Dec-March.  The area is nice and gives individuals a safe a secure feeling while flying.  Retrieves from around the area are easy while everything in Valle compliments the flying schedule and lifestyle.
El Penon is a natural take off with all the amenities.  It handles most wind directions as west and south seem to be the most prevailing and typical conditions.  It is a thermal site not a ridge site!!!
Launch is 7665feet above the landing zone 2336meters which is 1850 feet 560 meters above the  “piano” LZ which is 1.5 miles 2.5 km in front of launch.  An easy glide as long as you are high and it isn’t windy. 
Vehicles can go right to the top, to the launch area. A previous PWC has made this a world class launch.  Bathroom and snacks and drinks are available on launch.
El Penon Launch

The Flying Around Launch

Crappy Pic of the LZ

c) AVERAGE CLOUD BASES HEIGHT: Approximately 4500 meters 14500 feet, with a more typical day around 11000 feet or 3300 meters.
d) AVERAGE THERMALS: From 400 ft/m and 1200ft/m or  03 up to 09 m/s.
Conditions can become strong and turbulent mid day.  As new pilots we will be targeting a early 9:30 AM launch with a Landing before 11:00 AM.  Then again in the afternoon 3:00PM to sunset.
What will be provided.  Tour Dates (Dec or Jan dates TBD)
a)Travel from Mexico City to Valle

            *Travel to and From Mexico City or the Toluca Airport.
*Either a Driver or a Valle Taxi will be the pick up at the gate through customs.  They will hold a sign with your name.
* It is a 2 to 3 hour drive from Mexico City to Valle depending on traffic.  It is about a 90 mile drive.
b)Daily rides to and from Launch and the Landing Zone
c)Daily instruction, ground school, and the days breakdown.  I keep it simple so please if you need more info lets talk more.
d)We are staying in a very nice house 3 blocks from the town center, off the side of the main marina.  It is a very nice and secure location.  I will have address and maps before you leave.
Additional info
a) Clothing
*dress for cold climate while flying.  Medium weight jacket with layers works well.   Heavy and Mid weight gloves depending on how cold your hands can get.
*Whatever you need to stay warm and keep skin covered.  35F-50F in the air to 80F on the ground
* Wide brim hat
* What ever you need to fly to keep your skin covered while flying.  Light jacket or long sleeve shirt. (It is a cooker)
* Evenings are cool and mornings are brisk.
b) Money
*Banks are available with exchange available also.  ATM is the easiest for the day to day.  Credit Cards are excepted in most places.
d)Required Equipment

  1. Your Paraglider that you are most comfortable on.  ( Practice some forward launches if it has been a while)
  2. Harness, Reserve Parachute, 2m Radio that broadcasts 150.000Mhz range, Vario, GPS.
  3. Spot or another location device. Its nice but optional.
  4. Hydration System
  5. Repair Bag, Repair Tape, extra line, and anything else for small repairs.
  6. All rechargers and instruction manuals for your flying devices.
e)Optional Equipment Ideas
  1. Cameras or Video camera
  2. Light weight gloves  (Sun Protection)
  3. Light weight pants (Sun Protection)
  4. Face Cover (Sun Protection)
  5. Nose Cover (Sun Protection)
  6. Wide Brim Hat
  7. Tub o Sun block
  8. Rain coat or Slicker
F) Travel Insurance
      a)  You need to have and send confirmation to us showing you have Travel Insurance for your entire stay in Mexico.  7 Corners, Square Mouth, Insure My Trip.  These are all reviewed and acceptable policies for what you will need.
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