Paragliding Rates

Tandem Experience:
$150 for a morning South Side flight.
$175 for an evening North Side flight.
$275 for a mountain flight you will never forget!!

Introduction to Paragliding Lesson:
$150/ more than just a typical intro. This is a chance to find out if Paragliding is for you.  Great first experience and a first step towards future lessons.

Introduction to Paragliding 3- Lesson Pack: 
$350/ an option for those who want to find there wings over a 3 day progression.

*40$ Cancellation fee for all Tandem and Introductory lesson without 24 hour notice or not keeping lesson without prior cancellation.
*Credit card required to have your lesson reserved.

Point of the Mountain, Utah, is special.  You get 265 days a year of flyable conditions!  We draw pilots from around the world traveling to Point of the Mountain for the consistent conditions it offers.  Weither you are looking for a first time experience, out to learn to fly, or just a visiting pilot, choosing Utah and the Point of the Mountain will help to get you in the air.  Choosing to travel to Utah either for lessons or just to check it out Point of the Mountain will maximize your time spent flying!
You are close to the Salt Lake City airport (30 miles) and downtown Salt Lake City, and with the flight park so close all different accommodations are available from camping to the nicest resort settings. 

Past your first lessons or interested in becoming certified P2 pilot here are some prices and a link to more information

Certification Course:(*Price Change as of 5/5/2019.)
                                      $2000/ P2 Certification  unlimited lesson package, with equipment purchase.
                                      $3000/  P2 Certification with out equipment purchase.
                                      $500/    P1 Certification.
                                      $125/    Per lesson pay as you go.

Traveling to the Point of the Mountain and would like to travel to one of the many other flying sites along the Wasatch Front.  We offer site introductions as well as a watchful eye. 

Day Site Guide:         $99 Per Person/Driver and Guide.

A Word about Lessons and Pricing:

Tandem providers and paragliding schools tend to be highly competitive.  

You will find very attractive pricing on some sites.  Remember you are paying for quality instruction.  The key to having fun and becoming a safe pilot are small class sizes, quality  training equipment, continuing support, and a great training site at the Point of the Mountain.  

Before you commit to any program, at the very least check the following:

+ How many students will share one instructor? 
It's very possible that you may find yourself out at the training site, waiting for your turn. You will learn fast, safe, and have a great time with one-on-one instruction!  It truly is money well spent.

+ What kind of gear is used for instruction? 
It is not entirely uncommon that the training gear you could see is more than showing its age.  It's more challenging learning with older gear (technology is advancing rapidly)!   We use new quality gear from top manufactures.  With a wide range of paragliders from all major brands available for purchase.

+ Accessibility & Schedule
Remember when choosing a paragliding school make sure that your schedule coincides with your instructor’s accessibility at the training hill.

All that said, contact us for any other questions about pricing.  Our lesson packages are always highly competitive, and we do strive to offer you the greatest experience possible.That's our promise!