Lesson Packages

Paragliding in the US and most of the world is regulated through local and national organizations that help keep track of all the important details associated with our free flight community.  These organizations play an important role in the requirements involved with becoming a rated pilot, through certification processes for instructors and student pilots a like. In the US, USHPA is the national organization that requires pilots to hold a P-2 rating that allows for solo flight without instructor supervision, giving pilots access to 90% of flying sites world wide.

These P-2 pilot requirements are sufficient when becoming a solo rated pilot, but can be limited when considering a person safe and comfortable in the air.  Point of the Mountain Paragliding wants student pilots to feel confident in their skills and will not progress you any faster than your comfort level.  When receiving a rating from POTMP you will have an understanding of the importance of Safe, Fun, Performance, orientated flight allowing for years in the sky.  This will make for a pilot who knows when they are truly ready to be flying on there own.

Certification takes dedication along with time to fully become competent, but the basics take anywhere from 10 to 20 days and around 60 plus flights.  Most beginning lessons take place at the South Side flight park training hill.  With improved skills we will venture outside of the training hill, utilizing as many different days, flying sites, towing launches, as your schedule will allow, quickly improving students all round piloting skills.

POTMP students should anticipate starting to discuss and consider what equipment they might purchase around there 7th lesson or 25th flight.  POTMP instructors are great at educating you on equipment helping you to decide what equipment will best suit you as a beginner pilot.  POTMP also carries what we feel to be some of the safest and best equipment on the market today helping you make that important first choice.


Point of the Mountain Paragliding,LLC. isa dealer for most major brands in the US.  Contact us with any questions or suggestions.