Learn To Paraglide

Whether you just want to find out if paragliding is right for you, or if you are ready for full immersion, we have the perfect lesson plans for you.

Exploratory Tandem Flight (2 Person Flight w/instructor)
Tandem flights are great fun and offer a introductory lesson flight with an instructor.  These exploratory tandems will give you an understanding of the basics of paragliding, while experiencing flight.  You will have the opportunity to control the gilder in the air, execute maneuvers, and learn about flying conditions and what to expect as you get into paragliding.
Exploratory tandems are perfect for those who are interested in the sport, but not fully decided about going for lessons.  Take an hour (weather conditions permitting) to experience flight and see if you want to learn more.
What to expect:
5 minute to one hour flight (or until you want to land) dependant on conditions.  With altitudes from 5 to 2,000 feet, whatever you are up for and conditions permit us to do. 

You may want to wear ankle supportive shoes or boots, long pants, jacket (weather optional), sunglasses, gloves,a small camera, and something to drink (we do provide water most days). 

Morning tandem flights are flown at the Point of the Mountain training hill (South Side Flight Park). 

Afternoon tandem flight are usually flown at the Point of the Mountain (North Side Flight Park) 
Introduction to Paragliding 
You tried the tandem, and you are ready for more.  Come spend a morning (or two) with us, learn about ground handling, weather, and practice short flights from the training hill.  We take you through the experience of your own takeoff and landing in safe and fun conditions.  There are few sports that will give you the same sense of exhilaration and accomplishment in a day of learning!
We provide all the gear you will need, and our instructors will be with you all lesson.  When you get in the air by yourself you get instructions via radio.  Expect an introduction to flight with a Tandem flight showing students what it feels like to fly, an introduction to the equipment we use, and some solo, short flights, soft landings, and some flight theory.  You may want to wear ankle supportive shoes or boots, long pants, jacket (optional), sunglasses, gloves, and something to drink (we do provide water most days).  Our lessons are designed to keep the entire experience safe, fun, and building your flying skills quickly.
Intro lessons also make a great gift.  If your friend or family member enjoyed a tandem ride and hasn't stopped talking about flying, maybe it's time for an intro lesson package.
Full Lesson Packages
We offer a variety of lesson packages to suit your needs, available time, and preferences.  Whether you are coming from out of town just to learn, or local and ready to fly year-round, we have a training program just for you.  
We know we are competing against other schools for your business.  Contact us, or come out one day to see how various schools structure their lessons.  You will find that we are one of the few truly committed to getting you the most out of your training, primaly one on one instruction with never more than two students per instructor.   We stick by our students as long as we are needed. 

Learn more about getting certified to fly.

USHGA P1&P2 Requierments for certification. 
If you want to experience paragliding, contact us!  Let's discuss your goals and see how we can help you fulfill your dream of soaring flight.