Tandem Flight First Experience

Come fly like a bird, no experience required!  A great first choice available to anyone.
The feeling of soaring up in the air, the calm, relaxed view from high above the ground, is the flight we offer. 
What to expect:
5 minute to one hour flight (or until you want to land) dependant on conditions.  With altitudes from 5 to 2,000 feet, whatever you are up for and conditions permit us to do. Point of the Mountain Paragliding will provide all of the equipment required to fly.  We do recommend that you should wear ankle supportive shoes or boots, pants, jacket (weather optional), sunglasses, and a small camera if you like.


Some tandem facts:
+ Safest and best form of free flight
+ We hold a Perfect Safety record
+ Air time is anywhere from 5 to 45+ minutes depending on conditions.
+ Height above ground 30ft to 2500ft
+ Suitable age range: We have taken Pilots 8 to 75 years young. 
Our most popular tandem sites: 
+ North Side Flight Park
+ South Side Flight Park
+ Inspo (Squaw Peak Lookout)


Is availalble here under our rates page.
Introduction to Paragliding Tandem Lesson:  We strive to provide the best experience (longest flights, best scenic views) for the best price: Contact Us
Corporate and Group rates available.  Includes photos (with company logo for corporate outings) of you enjoying your flight!
Weather conditions dictate flying opportunity: If you have a confirmed appointment for a tandem flight, please contact us prior to leaving for the flight park.  To get our latest pricing and deals or to be added to the schedule contact us.