The POTMP Difference

Point of the Mountain's Paragliding has a unique philosophy among the local schools.  We teach you to become competent at flying a variety of different sites, which you will likely encounter when flying in other regions.  

With us, you won't be just another "point pilot"!

We believe in the idea of safety first, fun second, and performance third.  We provide a natural learning progression at your own level, helping you to choose the long road, instead of shortcuts that would hinder your long-term enjoyment of the sport of paragliding.  

What to consider when choosing a Paragliding school. 

  • What is my instructor’s accessibility and schedule?
  • Will my time be spent with one or multiple instructors?
  • Are Instructors to student’s class size to your benefit?
  • Research Instructors experience and school history?
  • Will your time spent training be maximized?
  • Is their future instruction and support?
  • Is it worth coming to the Point of the Mountain to learn to fly?