Custom Paragliding Packages just for you!

Point of the Mountain Paragliding

Paragliding is one of the most amazing ways to escape gravity.

Nothing more than a wing and a harness, and you can be soaring above the mountains, experiencing a perspective of earth otherwise only accessible to birds. No motors, no engine noise, no metal cage. The freedom of being in the air remains the purest when you are flying with a paraglider.

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Tandem Flights

Point of the Mountain Paragliding will provide all of the equipment required to fly. We do recommend that you should wear ankle supportive shoes or boots, pants, jacket (weather optional), sunglasses, and a small camera if you like.

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Paragliding Tours

Point of the Mountain Paragliding also provides tours, site guides, and advanced instruction. Whether you want a brush up lesson to regain your skill, or just some added comfort of a voice on the radio - we are here to help!

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Learn To Paraglide

We offer a variety of lesson packages to suit your needs, available time, and preferences. Whether you are coming from out of town just to learn, or local and ready to fly year-round, we have a training program just for you.